My ‘meetup’ with Gene Kim

Gene Kim is by far one of the most recognizable names in the DevOps industry. He is vocal, present, opinionated (in a good way), a thought leader and the co-author of the best book in this space: The Phoenix Project! Earlier this week Gene came to Virginia to speak at the DC Continuous Delivery and Continuous Delivery meetup (this meetup, I am sure, has the longest name on I had presented at this meet up earlier in the year too. So, I got to rub shoulders with the man himself AND got an autographed copy of his book. I actually already owned the book and took it with me to get it signed, but Gene was giving away copies!

Why everyone needs DevOps now?

The talk Gene delivered was titled – Why Everyone Needs DevOps Now? An excellent talk on the need for DevOps, based on the study Gene participated in with PuppetLabs on the State of DevOps, Gene’s personal experiences and of course, the Phoenix Project Book.

His slides are available here on The meetup organizers also recorded the session. The video is embedded here:

Why does everyone need DevOps?

Here are some key takeaways I personally got from Gene’s talk.

Act I. Create ‘Flow’:

Identify what your bottlenecks are – Idea to Production – where is there queue time (as opposed to run time):
  • Environment Creation
  • Code Deployment
  • Test setup and run
  • Overly tight Architecture
  • Development
  • Product Management
Where can you address bottlenecks to make the process more efficient and effective?

Act II: Get feedback:

How can you ‘amplify’ feedback loops from each stage of the delivery pipeline, back to earlier stages in the pipeline? Do you have metrics that are consumable?

Act III: Continual Experimentation:

In true spirit of ‘Lean Thinking’, one can only learn by trying out new things and learning from the experience. To quote Gene – ‘Repetition of a pre-requisite to mastery’.

Other Gems:

Keep 20% of time dedicated for ‘technical debt’ reduction
Decouple feature releases from code deployments (details of this one in a later post. This is a true gem!)
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Understanding DevOps:

Adopting DevOps:

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