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Understanding DevOps – Part 5: Infrastructure as Code

Imagine you are a seasoned operations engineer (you know, neck beard and all). Over your career you have most certainly developed a toolkit of scripts that you can use, with minor changes, to perform all your regular tasks of provisioning and managing the plethora of environments you have seen and dealt with over the years. […]

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Understanding DevOps – Part 3: Dev vs. Ops

Dev and Ops have misaligned, or if I may, even opposing priorities. Development (Dev) is tasked with producing innovation and getting it to the hands of the users as soon as possible. Operations (Ops) is tasked with making sure that the users have access to a stable, fast, responsive system. While Dev and Ops’ ultimate […]

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Understanding DevOps – Part 1: Defining DevOps

DevOps, like any new technology or tech related movement that comes to the industry, has become a buzzword. Everyone talks about it, not everyone knows what it is all about and worst of all, many of those who claim to do it are doing a terrible job. There are some excellent examples of companies who […]

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How to cool a datacenter?

One of the biggest expenses for a data center is the cost of cooling all the servers. Heat is your worst enemy. Companies who build or own large data centers are aggressively seeking innovations in ways to lower the costs of cooling. Electricity is the biggest line item when it comes to the cost of […]

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