I have launched a brand new Podcast – the DataCompany Podcast.

Episode 6: DevSecOps in a Data-Driven World with Hasan Yasar, Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University

Episode 5: with Gary Gruver, Author of ‘Engineering the Digital Transformation’

Episode 4: with Marc Hornbeek, author, Engineering DevOps

Episode 3: with Andrea Crawford of IBM

Episode 2: with Chris Nowak of HCL.

Episode 1: “You can’t buy DevOps” with Robert Reeves, CTO of Datical.

Also available on iTunes.

Past podcasts I have appeared on

Towards Data Science: DataOps and data science at enterprise scale

Accenture SolutionsIQ Podcast: “Without Access to Your Data, You Can’t Know Your Users”. Hosted by Adam Mattis

DevSecOps Podcast: “DevOps Security at Scale”. Hosted by Mark Miller