Sanjeev Sharma

Many labels have been applied to describe my strengths and experience. They include CTO, Strategist, Thought Leader, Change Catalyst, Transformation Leader, and Advisor. But the one I personally carry with pride is the label given to me by several of my peers when they tagged me as Disruptor to describe my contributions to my employer and clients. 

I am an Engineer turned Architect by training, and storyteller by craft. Now, you have all heard leaders describe themselves as storytellers, who can lead large organizations and drive change. But what about a storyteller who can effectively bring the business and the technology ends of the story together and add value to all stakeholders. I am a storyteller who can break down large, complex problems to bite-sized consumable pieces that can be addressed effectively and efficiently within the constraints one has to operate under. I bring a unique combination of deep set of technical skills, coupled with world class speaking and writing skills, and a strong track record of leading large transformations. I have worked with both enterprises undergoing massive transformation and modernization efforts that required working with technology and business executives, and software and SaaS vendors helping them enhance their product roadmaps and client engagement at the c-suite level. 

I have published over a hundred posts on my personal blog, and other popular blogs, and garnered over 500,000 views for my youtube videos. I hosted my own podcast and have appeared as a guest on several others. My storytelling skills also led to me writing two books – the DevOps For Dummies, IBM Special Edition, and the award winning bestseller – The DevOps Adoption Playbook. I have co-founded a boutique analyst firm, led by own consulting business, advised early-stage and VC-funded startups, and while I was at IBM been appointed Distinguished Engineer putting me in an exclusive group of IBMs technical leaders.

I live in Northern Virginia where I spend my free time with my wife and two kids watching movies, listening to music  (on vinyl, of course), reading, and traveling. I keep threatening to become a serious photographer one day, but have so far just a camera bag full of photography gear to show for it. Stunning photographs coming soon. And oh yeah, before the pandemic I was a airline miles junkie, having visited 33 countries across every continent except Antarctica (Yes, I am counting Zealandia as a separate continent). 

I can be reached on LinkedIn. I Tweet as @sd_architect.

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  1. Ben Kirson says:

    I’m the Manager of Technology Training for Geico and would like to hire Sanjeev Sharma as a keynote speaker. How do I do that and who do I get in touch with?

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