IBM InterConnect 2016: A DevOps adoption playbook – achieving business value at scale

Slides from session at InterConnect 2016. A DevOps adoption playbook- achieving business value at scale, by Sanjeev Sharma and Lee Reid

Adopting DevOps – Part V: Overcoming ‘Cultural Inertia’

Last month, my partners in crime – Carmen DeArdo from Nationwide, Lee Reid, my colleague from IBM and I wrote a 3-part series of blog posts on We titled our posts the Simple Math, Calculus and Art of DevOps. I would venture to say these are must-reads for any organization adopting DevOps. We examined…

DevOps vs Outsourcing

As we look at enterprises adopting DevOps (yes, enterprises are adopting DevOps, in droves), the question regarding outsourcing always comes up. Many (read: most) enterprises have at least some of their application delivery or IT operations outsourced to an external vendor. This may be the traditional ‘offshoring’ where work is offloaded to an external, offshore…

[Slides] Keynote at CampDevOps: DevOps: Using ‘Lean’ to eliminate Bottlenecks

I had the opportunity to deliver the keynote address at the 1st CampDevOps in Boulder, CO, on May 20th 2014. The event was organized by, in association with GlueCon. Slides are available here: CampDevOps keynote – DevOps: Using ‘Lean’ to eliminate Bottlenecks from Sanjeev Sharma Related DevOps posts are available here.