Presenting on Mobile DevOps at MoDevTablet tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sept. 14th, I will be presenting on DevOps for Mobile Application Delivery – Trends and Challenges. The conference I am speaking at is called MoDevTablet. It is one of a series of conferences run by the GoMoDev team, led by Pete Erickson. I have attended two conferences they ran in the past. One was called MoDevEast and the second MoDevUX. While all the conferences run by this group are mobile development focussed, MoDevUX, as its name suggests, was focussed on User Experience and MoDevTablet is focussed on Tablet centric mobile apps. The conference has topics from general Mobile development to the marketing of Mobile and Tablet apps. A great slate of speakers, both from large companies like Microsoft and IBM (I am the sole IBM speaker) to small independent developers and consultants in the space.

My talk, while not tablet centric, is on a very hot topic. DevOps in general has become the buzz-word of the year and mobile DevOps is an area where is not much maturity in the industry. In my talk I will introduce what is DevOps and will discuss unique challenges in the DevOps space faced by Mobile app development teams. I will conclude with giving a set of 10 best practices of Mobile DevOps.

I will post the slides over the weekend. So, come back and check soon. I will also post blog posts on other interesting talks I attend during the conference. To get updates, you can ‘follow’ this blog and also follow be on Twitter at @sd_architect.


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