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Are you feeling the pain of Mobile market fragmentation?

So far it was just market fragmentation with iOS and Android. But this year onwards Windows Phone 8 and the just released Blackberry 10 have the potential to gain market share too. Is this increasing the pain your organization is feeling having to develop Mobile Apps now for four platforms? Read more in my post […]

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Microsoft makes a push for Windows 8 Apps

Mobile devices today live and die by the Apps they have. Gone are the days when one used a mobile device to make phone calls, have a contact/address book and keep a calendar. The iPhone changed all that. If one has a mobile device, say a cool smart Phone, users will only want to use the […]

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Video presentation of my session on Mobile DevOps at MoDevEast 2012

I presented at the MoDevEast conference last month. The conference was a major success – over 400 attendees. It was followed by a hackathon (that my son and I won a prize at). My session was titled DevOps for Cross-platform Mobile Apps. The slides and original abstract were posted in my earlier blog post. The […]

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My 11 year old son and I win a Mobile App Hackathon!

My son is 11 years old and a sports fanatic! He writes a sports blog called SportsThrills, that is getting pretty popular. He is getting over a 100 pageviews on most days. I, being the geek I am, have been working with my son to get him interested in programming and App development. And I […]



Slides from my session on Mobile DevOps at MoDevEast 2012

I presented this past Friday, November 30th, at the MoDevEast Conference. The Conference organized by Pete Erickson and his GoMoDev organization, was meeting of over 400 attendees from the Mobile Development community – Developers, UX/UI folk, Designers, Business leaders, entrepreneurs and Investors – all at one conference. The speakers were excellent and I will post […]

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Video of my Mobile DevOps presentation from MoDevTablet is now live

I recently presented at the MoDevTablet conference in Arlington, VA. I spoke on the topic of Mobile DevOps. I posted my slides in an earlier post. The video recording of my conference presentation had been made available by the conference. I am embedding the YouTube Video here. Other videos from the conference can be found here. Is […]


What is a ‘Mobile’ device after all?

The definition of what is really a ‘mobile’ device is really biased by the proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices. What we see and think of when we say the term ‘mobile device’, while most evident, is but a subset and really a minority of all that should be categorized as a ‘mobile’ device. None […]

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