Available Now: The DevOps Adoption Playbook

It’s here! My two-year long project to research and publish a set of ‘Patterns’ of successful large scale DevOps Adoption, that I have observed work for enterprises around the world, is (almost) done. My new book ‘DevOps Adoption Playbook’ comes out in early 2017 is now available at all major booksellers.

For the past four years, as IBM’s lead client facing DevOps SME, I have had the opportunity to work with dozens of clients across industries, geography and size, across IT maturity, organizational structures and ability to invest, across business goals of optimization and innovation. I have had a front row seat to their process of adopting DevOps, and documented a series of repeatable patterns of success (and anti-patterns too). I have captured these in my new book as a ‘Playbook’. Like a sports team’s playbook, a guide that you can leverage – whether you are a practitioner (player), project leader (captain), transformation leader (coach) or an executive (general manager). The book is written as a series of ‘Plays’ you can pick for your team to execute based on your business and technology needs. The book is peppered throughout with sports analogies and stories (that I love) to help with making a point, and hopefully making for a more fun and enjoyable reading process. 

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The publisher Wiley has notified me that some very early copies of the book had a production error and the Bibliography was omitted. Currently shipping copies have the bibliography included. If you received a copy (print or eBook) with the bibliography missing, please contact Wiley to have it replaced. You can also download the bibliography from here:

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Enjoy and play to win! Now for a formal abstract…

devops-adoption-cover-finalTeams that excel do so not just because they have the best members, the best tools, the best training, the best processes, or even the best leaders and coaches. They excel because they, as a team, have all of the above, but also know what to do when they face various situations and challenges. They have a playbook of potential solutions or ‘plays’ for a variety of scenarios.

In the same way, IT organizations need plays to execute. For day-to-day application delivery and operations, these so-called plays are captured in their development, delivery, and operational processes. IT organizations that succeed have good processes, and execute them with excellence. However, transforming large, complex, distributed IT organization to achieve this success is another story. Most organizations struggle with transformations, not having well-defined, winning plays that can overcome cultural and organizational inertia. Author Sanjeev Sharma heads the DevOps practice for IBM; in this book, he provides unique guidance and insight on undertaking a DevOps Transformation for such organizations. He captures a set of proven, repeatable ‘plays’ for adopting DevOps at enterprise scale and helping organizations achieve their business goals by balancing the needs for speed, agility, quality, optimization and innovation.

  • Grasp the full extent of the DevOps impact on IT organizations
  • Achieve high-value innovation and optimization with low cost and risk
  • Exceed traditional business goals with higher product release efficiency
  • Implement DevOps in large-scale enterprise IT environments

DevOps has been one of IT’s hottest trends for the past decade, and plenty of success stories testify to its effectiveness in organizations of any size, industry, or level of IT maturity, all around the world. Learn from the DevOps Adoption Playbook how to develop your own DevOps adoption ‘playbook’ to get your organization on the road to maximizing productivity and innovation at enterprise-scale.

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