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Chef for DevOps – an Introduction

Chef is a powerful tool from Opscode which makes Infrastructure as Code real! In the space of DevOps, where Continuous Delivery requires the ‘on-demand’ building, updating and management of Virtual Environments, technologies like Chef become essential. The slide deck attached is from a seminar I delivered recently. The session introduces Chef and its role in DevOps. The agenda of […]

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My 11 year old son and I win a Mobile App Hackathon!

My son is 11 years old and a sports fanatic! He writes a sports blog called SportsThrills, that is getting pretty popular. He is getting over a 100 pageviews on most days. I, being the geek I am, have been working with my son to get him interested in programming and App development. And I […]



What do tools and automation buy me?

As someone working in technical sales, one of the questions I have been asked hundreds of times is why do we need tools? I mean, we could just code in a text editor or in Emacs or VI, like we did in the old days. Build and deployment can be done with hand written scripts […]

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