Leveraging DevOps in a ‘water-SCRUM-fall’ world – my Post on IBM’s Invisible Thread Blog

Water-SCRUM-fall is a concept I have discussed at length in my earlier blog post on the same topic. DevOps is a movement that addresses some of the key challenges brought about by water-SCRUM-fall. I wrote a post for IBM’s Invisible Thread blog on DeveloperWorks on how DevOps can be leveraged and its principles applied to address these challenges that water-SCRUM-fall brings to our development and operations worlds.

The three principles of DevOps I discuss in the full blog post are:

  1. Develop and test against a production-like system
  2. Deploy frequently
  3. Continuously validate operational quality characteristics

Read the full post: Leveraging DevOps in a ‘water-SCRUM-fall’ world

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