I have a Patent!

Invention: Digital Camera Blending and Clashing Color Warning System

I have just been notified by IBMs IP Law department that one of my inventions for which I filed a patent has been granted by the USPTO! My first. I have filed multiple patents till date, so hopefully this won’t be the last.

For those interested, this is in the area of photography. It is a method to look out for areas in digital pictures where the quality of a picture being taken is impacted by colors of proximate objects blending or clashing with each other, before a picture is actually taken. The method identifies these potential issues and notifies the photographer before the picture is taken, allowing them to move objects (or people) or the camera, reframing the picture and prevent the color issues. I am sure you all have seen pictures, or even taken some, where the color of someone’s shirt or hair is blending with the background or two people with clashing colored clothes are next to each other. My invention would spot and prevent that from happening.

If anyone is interested in implementing this as an app or if you are a camera vendor and want to add this to your camera as the next cool feature, contact me (leave a comment below or send me a note via LinkedIn).

Instagram/Facebook Camera, sounds like a cool feature to add!


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