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Slides: IBM Innovate 2013 Session – Continuous Integration for System z

Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Modernization Solution Architect and I delivered a session titled ‘Continuous Integration for System z’ at IBM Innovate two weeks ago. Here are the slides: Ibm innovate ci for system z from rradcliffe Other Posts on DevOps: Understanding DevOps: Understanding DevOps – Part 1: Defining DevOps Understanding DevOps – Part 2: Continuous Integration […]



Understanding DevOps – Part 4: Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring

What is the goal of Continuous Integration? Is it to enable Continuous Delivery of the code developers’ produce out to users? Yes, eventually. But first and foremost it is to enable ongoing test and verification of the code. It is to validate that the code produced and integrated with that from other developers and with […]

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Understanding DevOps – Part 2: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

In Part 1 of this series on Understand DevOps, I introduced the definition of the term DevOps. In Part 2, I am going to extend that definition to include two key components of a DevOps solution – Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. These are two concepts that focus on minimizing Cycle Time – the time […]

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