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Understanding DevOps – Part 4: Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring

What is the goal of Continuous Integration? Is it to enable Continuous Delivery of the code developers’ produce out to users? Yes, eventually. But first and foremost it is to enable ongoing test and verification of the code. It is to validate that the code produced and integrated with that from other developers and with […]

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Speaking at DevOpsDays, New York

** Note: DevOpsDays, NY has been cancelled due to the hurricane. No new dates have been set yet. I will post updates on this blog ** I just received a confirmation email from the organizers of DevOpsDays, New York. My talk on Mobile DevOps has been accepted as an Ignite session. I have never attended a […]

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Leveraging DevOps in a ‘water-SCRUM-fall’ world – my Post on IBM’s Invisible Thread Blog

Water-SCRUM-fall is a concept I have discussed at length in my earlier blog post on the same topic. DevOps is a movement that addresses some of the key challenges brought about by water-SCRUM-fall. I wrote a post for IBM’s Invisible Thread blog on DeveloperWorks on how DevOps can be leveraged and its principles applied to address these […]

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Video of my Mobile DevOps presentation from MoDevTablet is now live

I recently presented at the MoDevTablet conference in Arlington, VA. I spoke on the topic of Mobile DevOps. I posted my slides in an earlier post. The video recording of my conference presentation had been made available by the conference. I am embedding the YouTube Video here. Other videos from the conference can be found here. Is […]


What is a ‘Mobile’ device after all?

The definition of what is really a ‘mobile’ device is really biased by the proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices. What we see and think of when we say the term ‘mobile device’, while most evident, is but a subset and really a minority of all that should be categorized as a ‘mobile’ device. None […]

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Understanding DevOps – Part 3: Dev vs. Ops

Dev and Ops have misaligned, or if I may, even opposing priorities. Development (Dev) is tasked with producing innovation and getting it to the hands of the users as soon as possible. Operations (Ops) is tasked with making sure that the users have access to a stable, fast, responsive system. While Dev and Ops’ ultimate […]

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