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Responsive Design – an introduction

Responsive Design is a User Interface (UI) design term that originated for website design. In fact, in most cases it is still referred to as Responsive Web Design. Here is Wikipedia’s definition (paraphrased for brevity): Responsive Web Design (RWD) essentially indicates that a web site is crafted to use Cascading Style Sheets 3 media queries, […]

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How to cool a datacenter?

One of the biggest expenses for a data center is the cost of cooling all the servers. Heat is your worst enemy. Companies who build or own large data centers are aggressively seeking innovations in ways to lower the costs of cooling. Electricity is the biggest line item when it comes to the cost of […]

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I have a Patent!

Invention: Digital Camera Blending and Clashing Color Warning System I have just been notified by IBMs IP Law department that one of my inventions for which I filed a patent has been granted by the USPTO! My first. I have filed multiple patents till date, so hopefully this won’t be the last. For those interested, […]

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I am looking forward to IBM Innovate and so should you.

IBMs Rational brand has its annual users conference – IBM Innovate – next week, in Orlando, FL. I am really looking forward to it. Having worked for Rational for over a decade, it is my ‘home conference’ and my favorite (Yes, I am biased. What can I say?). All developers, development managers, executives and consultants […]

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What’s on my Kindle?

In full disclosure, these books are not all on my Kindle. In fact, I don’t even own a Kidle device. I use the Kindle app on my iPad. Some of these books are in that app. Some in Apple’s iBooks app and even a couple in the Nook app. I also have a lot of […]

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What do tools and automation buy me?

As someone working in technical sales, one of the questions I have been asked hundreds of times is why do we need tools? I mean, we could just code in a text editor or in Emacs or VI, like we did in the old days. Build and deployment can be done with hand written scripts […]

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JavaScript… really?

How JavaScript has become the language of choice for Web and Mobile I learnt programming ussing the C programming language, on UNIX. That’s as nerdy as you can get. Where else can you manipulate bits with code and have to alloc your own memory. And pointers; that’s how real programmers write code. You have not […]

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